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Bellsouth Email Users Find It Difficult To Access Mail On Eudora

People who are using Eudora for accessing BellSouth mail are getting the problem with their mail. Eudora is a type of mail client used for accessing mail from Mac OS. This platform was used earlier when no other option was available but now with the coming up of more and more options, people have started migrating to the new platform.

People witness the following message on the screen, ‘SSL not working properly’ or ‘Eudora’ installed in the Mac machine no longer support Bellsouth email. They were shocked for a moment as they haven’t received such message earlier. This problem is only reported on AT&T powered email service. People have tried to fix this problem by switching from SSL to STARTTLS. Eudora keeps on rejecting the Bellsouth email servers because it no longer supports SSL. The users are becoming flagrant as multiple messages are being received on their email screen.

Some of the infuriated users have tried to contact Bellsouth email support, but the technical team has not come to any conclusion that’s why they didn’t reply to anything. They are suggesting the people migrate to MS outlook because the Bellsouth is providing support on MS outlook as of now. If you want to receive mail on Eudora, then you have to pay $90. People are in dilemma, whether the problem will get solved after this or not.

Some users after getting a suggestion from some of the experts on discussion forum link have tried to open the mail on other Non-secured mail software and they find success in it. They have done this to ensure that mail is working fine and the problem is from the Eudora end only.

Now, we are going to discuss a solution for all those who are getting the problem in accessing the mail from the Eudora platform. We want to make them clear that you must enable SSL in your Eudora through below-mentioned instructions. The technical team has even sent the same solution to the email inbox of some of the users who have provided the secondary mail on their Bellsouth email account form. After making some changes you will be able to access Bellsouth mail again on your Mac device. In case of any help or support, you can contact Bellsouth email support.

If you are unaware of the changes which need to be done, then feel free to ask the settings from the technical experts of Bellsouth email support. The team is available 24×7 for help. You can ask your query and problem anytime without any hesitation. Though we all know that Eudora is now out of trend so, it is not being used much by the people. The only option left for all those users who are still using Eudora is to enable SSL option for your Bellsouth account from the email settings. With this, your account can’t be compromised.

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