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Getting Problem With Bellsouth Email On New IPad?

Is your Bellsouth email not working as it should be on the iPad? If yes, then there are some quick tips which will help you in getting back to the flawless email experience. Most of the times, the problem arises due to server issue, incorrect password or switch problem. We are trying to provide the potential solutions to fix all these problems through this post.

The most common problem associated with the Bellsouth email account is:

iPad not sending the mail: In this type of problem, you will able to receive a mail but find a problem in sending it. This problem encounters due to the problem in SMTP settings or outgoing mail server. To fix the problem, you can follow the below mentioned steps.

1.    Tap on ‘Mail, contacts and calendar’ tab.

2.    Click on ‘BellSouth’ email which is creating a problem.

3.    Open SMTP settings of your mail from the outgoing mail server.

4.    You need to ensure the email account is linked to the primary mail server and the option is turned on. If off, then toggle it ON.

5.    If more than one outgoing server is available in the list, then select any one and turn it on. Try sending mail after this. If the mail fails to send from one server, then it may be sent from another server.

6.    If the problem still continues, then click on ‘Primary server’ listed on the screen.

If after applying the above settings, you are still getting the same problem, then you need to go to ‘Advanced’ settings from the ‘Settings’ menu to dive into further details.

·       Open Bellsouth Email Login account from ‘Mail, contact and calendar’ section.

·       Open ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘SMTP server settings’.

·       Check if the SSL is on or not. If it is OFF, then toggle it ON.

·       If it is ON, then turn it off consequently.

·       Click on ‘Authentication’ tab to set the password as authentication type.

·       Look forward to setting number for your port number. By default, the port number for Bellsouth is 990.

·       For Comcast or other POP type accounts, it is 112.

·       Some servers also use 587 or 005 as a default port number. You can check this from your internet service provider.

·       Under iCloud accounts, this listing is not even available for viewing.

1.    You must ensure that S/MIME switch is off. This is nothing but a secure extension for emails used by agencies and other high tech companies. If you don’t know about this, then you can go to the information page and check it from there.

2.    After successfully making the changes, you can click on ‘Done’. You are good to go now. Open the mail app now and try sending the mail from your email address. Hopefully, you will get success this time.

If the problem still remains the same, then change the port settings or go to advanced settings of your Bellsouth email account. Adjust the settings according to the internet service provider. The settings are mentioned on the home page of every internet service provider.

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