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Mac Users Can Now Configure Bellsouth Mail On Their Mac OS X Mail

If you wish to configure Bellsouth email on Mac OS X mail, then Apple has made this possible with the latest update released for Mac OS. Users can configure any mail on their device after updating the Mac OS. If you have not tried yet, then do try and let us know.

Now, we are going to mention steps for configuring Bellsouth mail on Mac OS X mail:

  1. Just hover to mail app from the home screen.
  2. Click on ‘Accounts’ and select ‘+’
  3. You will find the new account setup screen in front of your device screen.
  4. Check the list of email service providers and click on ‘Bellsouth’.
  5. If this name doesn’t appear in the email program list, then you need to add it manually.
  6. Enter mail address and program name Bellsouth carefully on the screen.
  7. Click to enter the email address and other settings of your account.
  8. Select account type from the next window. You can select either IMAP or POP3.

POP3 server settings for Bellsouth account

  1. You must select account type to ‘POP3’ if you are going to configure this.
  2. Open mail incoming and outgoing server addresses page and enter the name of email service provider along with in each box.
  • The port numbers for incoming as well as for outgoing mail servers can be checked from online sources. You can also confirm it from Bellsouth support.
  1. Now, you are required to fill inbound and outbound server names. Enter complete email address in the space provided along the suffix of your mail.
  2. Password: The password is the same as that of login password.
  3. SMTP authentication: Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

IMAP account type:

  • For IMAP account type: Select IMAP.
  • Incoming and outgoing mail server addresses: These are same as that of the POP3 mail account.
  • Port number for incoming and outgoing mail server: You can confirm from BellSouth mail support.
  • Enter username or complete email address in the inbound and outbound server names if prompted to do so.
  • SMTP server authentication: Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  • Before proceeding further, Click on the box given next to ‘Take me to the account’.
  • Click to ‘Create an account’.
  • If you find any email envelope on the screen, then it means your account is successfully configured.
  • To change any settings in future, you can go to the ‘Preferences’ option given under mail settings.
  • If you have configured your account under POP3 server, then you won’t be able to retrieve any mail once deleted.
  • If you are using SMTP servers, then you can change the preferences by clicking on the ‘Edit’ menu.
  • Click to ‘Edit’ the mail. You can disable or enable SMTP authentication anytime according to your need from ‘Advanced’ menu.

Click ‘Ok’ to finish with the editing part. You can now start sending and receiving emails on your account. In case you are getting any problem, you can contact Bellsouth mail support executives.

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