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Setup Junk Mail On Your Bellsouth Mail With Simple Steps.

There are different tools available in Bellsouth mail which are meant for different purposes. Among these tools, one is used for managing junk messages into the account. In the world of the digital era, viruses and malware are common on the internet and can affect email messages in a way or another. To stay away from such viruses, there is a need to change some settings of your account from the junk folder. With this, you can easily put control on a number of spam messages received in the inbox or another folder. Even you can block the email addresses from the email settings if you don’t want to receive any message from that email address anymore.

How to easily report any message on Bellsouth: For this, you have to go through the steps mentioned here as under:

  • From the web browser, enter the URL of your Bellsouth account and click to enter the login details.
  • Go to the inbox folder and check for spam messages. If any spam message is available then filter it out.
  • Open ‘Spam’ folder now and check the ‘Report’ message option available inside it. You can either report as a hacked account or phishing scam depending on your preference. If you want to delete the messages, you can delete from the opened window. If you find any problem in implementing any step, then you can contact email support.  This is the only way to protect the inbox of your Bellsouth email account.

How to get Spam settings: The process of arriving into the Spam settings is as simple as opening the account from the login page. Yes, you must adhere to the rules and instructions given on the Spam settings page before proceeding further.

  1. Login to the Bellsouth account and click on ‘Gear icon’. You need to over to ‘Mail’ option from here. A submenu will get opened on the screen. Click on any option of your choice.
  2. Now, you need to click on ‘General’ tab and check the ‘Menu’ option under it. The Spam settings will now get opened on the page. If you want to empty the spam folder, then you can do it by clicking on the messages or selecting the whole folder. In case you want to disable images, you can do so by selecting the appropriate option. You will not get any image anymore in the Bellsouth account.
  3. Save settings.

How to bar email addresses?

  • From the Gear icon, login to the Bellsouth account and check the sub-menu when opened on the screen. If you are unable to log in, then check the login credentials again and retry.
  • Open ‘Blocked addresses’ option and over to ‘Advanced’ menu.
  • Start entering the addresses or select it from the contact list available in the Bellsouth account. You can add as many addresses as you want. It must be remembered that you will not receive any new mail from these blocked email addresses in future. Yes, if you want to get back to these addresses, then unblock the addresses by implementing the same procedure.

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