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Why Aren’t Bellsouth POP3 Settings Working In Outlook 2010?

MS Outlook is undoubtedly the best email client in the world today. Many users configure their webmail accounts with MS Outlook because they know that accessing an email is easy and reliable in MS Outlook. But, there are some Bellsouth email users who are finding difficulties in accessing their email accounts configured with Outlook 2010.

We will get to the issue later, but first, it is important to know as to what information has been entered by them. It will also be interesting to know the settings they have selected to face such an issue. Wrong email settings can be the main cause of issues arising in Bellsouth email.

If you too have configured your Bellsouth email on MS Outlook using POP settings, then in the POP server field, check whether you have entered ‘’ or anything else. Whereas in ‘SMTP server’, check if you have entered ‘’ or some other detail. The port number for the incoming server should be ‘995’ whereas the outgoing server needs to be ‘465’.

If you have tried testing the email after adding the aforementioned details, yet the email didn’t work, then there is certainly some issue with the configuration process. If your email was working in MS Outlook 2007 version, then you should try deleting the email account from Outlook 2010 and then, adding the account again.

Make sure to add the settings as given on the company’s website. If you have already tried this, yet nothing worked for you, then you need to hop onto another solution instead of starting whining about the issue.

The solution to the problem lies in the incoming POP server, and they will have to change it to ‘’. When it comes to the outgoing server, you will have to change to ‘’. When you do this, you will have to click on ‘More Settings’ button and then, ‘Outgoing Server’ tab.

After that, you will have to select ‘my outgoing server requires authentication’ option. You will also need to enter your Bellsouth email along with its password in ‘log on using’ option. Then, click on ‘Advanced’ tab followed by selecting ‘this server needs an encrypted connection (SSL)’. In the ‘incoming port number field, select ‘995’ and in an outgoing port number field, enter ‘25’. Once you have added these values, select ‘OK’. If you think that Outlook and Bellsouth email servers are communicating, then you’re wrong because they are.

Fixing this problem is more or less a trial method, so if one thing doesn’t work for you, then you will have to try another. If you have tried all the solutions, yet unable to fix the problem, then you will have to take help of BellSouth email login help and support providers.

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