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Why is Bellsouth Email Not Working In MS Outlook 2010 When Configured With POP3 Settings?

A number of Bellsouth email users want to configure their email accounts with MS Outlook because it is easier to access emails in MS Outlook than webmail services. But, many Bellsouth email users who are operating Bellsouth email on MS Outlook in Windows 7 are facing problems. Let us find out how to fix Bellsouth email POP3 settings not working in MS Outlook 2010 problem.

It is important for us to understand as to what settings those people have done to come across such an error. The problem could have occurred due to wrong settings. So, by looking at the settings, we can judge better as to what the problem is.

For the POP server, users were using, whereas, for an SMTP server, they were using The port number for an incoming server is ‘995’ whereas the port number for an outgoing server is ‘465’. With these settings, they tried to access their email, but nothing happened.

Some users used the same settings on other computers with a different version of MS Outlook, and the settings worked perfectly. They also tried deleting Bellsouth email account from MS Outlook 2010 and added the account again. Moreover, they added the settings that are provided by the company, but the problem persisted.

Bellsouth email users don’t know as to why such problems occur out of the blue because one day, everything would work fine, and the very next day, problems like this arise. This problem can be solved by changing the POP server to ‘’ in the account settings. Moreover, the outgoing email server also needs to be changed to ‘’. After that, users need to click ‘more settings’ button and then, ‘outgoing server’ tab.

Then, they will have to select ‘my outgoing server requires authentication’ option, after which, they need to enter their Bellsouth email address and password in ‘log on using’ option. After that, they need to click on ‘advanced’ tab followed by selecting ‘this server needs an encrypted connection (SSL)’, incoming port number 995 and outgoing port number 25.

After filling out these details, they need to select ‘OK’. They first thought that MS Outlook and Bellsouth email servers are not communication, which turned out to be a false news, as both were communicating smoothly.

This problem is a bit complicated than other email problems, but the right solution can fix it, and the only thing that Bellsouth email users need to do is find the right solution. For that, they can take help of Bellsouth email help and support providers, as they know how to fix complicated issues like the one we have just discussed.

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